About Mayas Veil

Assalamu Alaikum, Welcome to Mayas veil.

Mayas Veil established in 2020. We are a small family online store and we are based in Melbourne Australia. We decided to create Mayas veil because we have a mission and a purpose. Our mission is to grow our store and inshAllah one day we can open a shop or two displaying all of our products. Our purpose is to raise money for charity to help create our own project, so we can help people around the world for food, water, shelter, schooling and medical aid etc.. We are donating ALL profits made on our islamic wall art and we are also donating a small amount of all profits made on every other product we sell to the poor and needy. 

We hope to deliver to you elegant and stylish clothing for every occasion at an affordable cost and to get an all round 100% customer satisfaction.

If you know of any one in need please feel free to email us at mayas_veil@yahoo.com we will try our best to help.

Happy Shopping xo